Here's what some of our brilliant students & industry guests have to say about Savi Arts.

"Taking part in this Monologue Bootcamp has been such an amazing experience! Meeting such lovely actors, being introduced to so many different plays and getting such helpful feedback from each director has been incredible. I cannot recommend Savi Arts enough and I am excited for what they do in the future." - Shauna

"The Savi Monolouge Bootcamp 2.0 created a safe space to explore the world of acting techniques whilst widening your knowledge of plays/playwrights. This course inspired creativity, supported vulnerability and most definitely boosted confidence. It was an amazing platform to be able to network with other industry professionals and actors. I thoroughly enjoyed workshopping monologues for my rep and the opportunities I got to perform. Lots of positive and constructive feedback was provided throughout the 6 weeks. I would most definitely recommend this course to all emerging actors.


Chelle again I can not thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity with the scholarship. It has honestly been such a joy to be a part of and gave me a solid focus each week throughout the lockdown. I truly believe you’ve built a unique platform that you should be so proud of. Congratulations to you! Sending you all the love always and wishing you the very best for the 3rd bootcamp."  - Ellie


"Thank you so much for the past several weeks! It's been so beneficial to have you all to share a monologue with each weekend. It's really helped my discipline, opened my eyes to some great plays and playwrights and the industry guests have been consistently brilliant." - Kim


"Michelle has created a wonderful space for actors to thrive. I enjoyed playing every week and it was a joy to watch my classmates share their work. The direction was invaluable and I am grateful to everyone we worked with and to the panel for their warmth. Would 10/10 recommend!" - Paul


"I loved Michelle’s bootcamp, it had great industry professionals and enabled me to keep active. Michelle’s commitment to diverse talent is one of her main assets too. The workshops are always full of diverse personalities and people."  - Stephanie


"I just want to express my absolute gratitude for you and savi and putting together such an incredible course. One thing that has always stood out to me since being part of Caspa last year was the community you have built and encouraged amongst us - everyone is so supportive to one another and that is something wonderful in an industry that’s so competitive and lonely. I can’t really thank you enough." - Megan


" Taking a part in the Monologue Bootcamp was an absolute delight and really, really good for me. I always learn a lot from working with you and the other directors. To get feedback at the end means a lot as well. I love the way that it's done. Savi and Michelle offer such a supportive environment to work in! In a short time we felt like an ensemble and a safe space to experiment & grow."  - Ben

"I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt lots from Savi Arts’s Monologue Bootcamp. I particularly liked that we got to work with a different director each week. And being able to showcase a monologue to a panel of agents & casting directors for the final session was very exciting!" - Sara

"I just wanted to say thank you so so much for this course and the opportunity, the amazing directors and the panel! Everyone was amazing and I'm really proud." - Amberley

"What a wonderful, warm, nourishing, and rewarding experience! Such lovely directors, panel peeps, fellow actors, and of course you - you created such a safe and brilliant space each week! Will be recommending the course far and wide to my people!" - Jessica

"I love the ethos and the way you talk as a group about the work, what a fabulous bunch of people and as you said, so brilliant to see actors who are keen to carry on learning!" - Casting Director