Michelle Payne & Savi Arts have trained a number of students and we are proud of all of their achievements.

Hannah began training with Michelle @ Caspa Arts in 2019 alongside studying for her English degree. During & after her training at Caspa, Hannah went on to perform Michelle's writing at multiple events & signed with her agent. Recent credits include: Doctors, The Undeclared War (Channel 4).

"After having had a break from any form of training, I was never expecting how much I would learn and gain from the Acting for New Writing course. It genuinely changed my life! It was so valuable to meet and learn from so many industry professionals, and actually get back on stage and put what I’d learned into practise. Having two performance opportunities per term at London venues was also great for inviting industry guests to see my work and building up my CV - which is so hard when you haven’t got much there in the first place. Michelle is an incredible writer and director, and aside from her brilliant acting training, what I learned of the ‘industry’ side of things was seriously game-changing. 

I went into Caspa having had no formal training and a huge break from performing since school, no idea about how the industry worked, and little confidence in myself. I came out of it having had strong acting training that I could rely on, valuable connections, tons more confidence, a much less sparse CV and at the end of my second term I signed with an agent! Now when I go into the audition room, I actually feel like I know what I’m doing, that I’m meant to be there, and that all came from Caspa Arts. Michelle goes beyond anything that would be expected to personally support her students in their careers, in and out of class. I owe a hell of a lot to her generosity and determination for us, which goes far beyond what any course description could convey, and Caspa Arts is 100% the biggest reason why I can call myself a working actor now. Thank you so much Michelle!"


"Hannah Khalique-Brown gives an ardent and charismatic performance as she races forward to fight inequality between women's and men's football and break barriers between social groups in her local area" - Rewrite This Story.

Steph began training with Michelle @ Caspa Arts in 2018, she appeared in multiple shows with Caspa Arts before signing with her agent. Steph can be seen in a number of adverts (including a Sky app with Lily James) and has performed at VAULT Festival and for Hear Me Now.

"Michelle goes above and beyond, providing opportunities to perform in original productions in venues such as The Bunker and Phoenix Artist Club, workshops with guest tutors who have active and exciting careers in the industry as actors, playwrights and directors, having professional headshot sessions and the opportunity to film a showreel, all so we have the tools to succeed in this industry. Since joining Caspa, I have become more skilled, more professional and more confident. Being a Caspa Arts student is one of the best decisions I've ever made".


"Stephanie Stevens gives a well nuanced portrayal of Misha who is consistently fighting for equality but also longs for a group of friends to share her triumphs with" - Rewrite This Story.


Emily (right) began training with Michelle @ Caspa Arts in 2018 and Sophia (left) in 2019 and both have since received agent representation. In early 2020, they founded Lagoon Theatre, working predominantly on Sophia's first play Blind Eye. Blind Eye had its premiere in 2020 during the pandemic at the Bread & Roses Theatre and will be set to return in 2021.

Emily & Sophia can both be heard on Get Over It Productions: The Scene Podcast in the roles of Rosie & Lucy respectively in Michelle Payne's play The Robbing Class. Sophia also appeared as Rachel in Michelle's Sad About the Cows as part of the Tectum Theatre Scratch Night at Canal Cafe Theatre (2021).


"Sophia de Souza brings the squad's resident 'It Girl' Ellie-Mae Hague to life with a marvellous balance of humour and kindness" - Rewrite This Story.

"Emily Clark gives a strong performance as Amanda" - Rewrite This Story.

Misha began training with Michelle as a private monologue student in 2017 before joining Caspa Arts in 2019 and signing with her agent. Misha appeared in a number of new writing pieces with Caspa as well as completing their course for making digital theatre during the pandemic in 2020. Following this, Misha received a place at LAMDA and has since worked on multiple projects including a number of adverts (including for Wimbledon & TikTok), Here Me Now (workshop, Tamasha Theatre) & a short film by Essex Visual Arts for and about people in Essex.

Clara (left) & Eloise (right) began training with Michelle @ Caspa Arts in 2019 before both going on to train at Drama Studio London. Eloise is an actor from Oxford and Clara is a bilingual actor originally from Italy residing in London.